5 сынып SPECIFICATION OF SUMMATIVE ASSESSMMENT FOR TERM 4 Review of summative assessment for term 4

Task 2 Read the text . Are the sentences true or false?/ мәтінді оқы және дұрыс/ бұрыс сөйлемдерді белгіле.
Hi Ben,
How are you? I’m at a big activity centre in Scotland this week. It’s fantastic! There are ten different activities for young people. I’m here for six days – from Monday to Saturday. It’s Wednesday today.
For the activities, we’re in classes of seven students. There are four girls in my class, and three boys – Harry, Alex and me. Harry is my friend from school. He’s fun and he’s very popular.
The activities are in the morning. Today it’s climbing with my favourite activity teachers – Sam and Rebecca. They’re from Colorado in the USA and they’re very good at climbing. I think climbing is exciting but dangerous!
See you on Monday at 5.00 at drama club. Bye!

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