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ПЕДФОРУМ КАЗАХСТАНА / СРЕДНЕЕ ОБРАЗОВАНИЕ / Старшая школа / ТЖБ Ағылшын тілі 8 сынып Tasks for the Summative Assessment for the term 4
 Task. Read the article about gender differences and mark the sentences below True or False and write a reason.
Growing up equal Gender stereotypes are rigid ideas about how boys and girls should behave. We all know what these stereotypes are: A “feminine” girls should be insecure, accommodating and a little illogical in her thinking. A “masculine” boy should be strong, unemotional, aggressive, and competitive. How are children exposed to these stereotypes? According to the researchers David and Myra Sadker of the American University of Washington, D.C., boys and girls are often treated differently in the classroom. They found out that when boys speak, teachers usually offer constructive comments, when girls speech, teachers tend to focus on the behavior. It’s more important how the girls act rather than what they say. Blue and Pink The emphasis on differences begins at birth and continues throughout childhood. For example, few people would give pink baby’s clothes to a boy or a blue blanket to a girl. Later, many of us give girls dolls and miniature kitchenware, while boys receive action figures and construction sets. There’s nothing wrong with that.
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